Marcus Borg and Meeting Jesus

I'm re-reading "Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time" by Marcus Borg, because Pastor Janet sent me a replacement for the signed copy Dad gave me, which I had lost.

I'm only just starting. He recalls childhood images of Jesus, and God, and how his early understandings began to melt away into doubt as critical thinking bootstrapped in his teens. His recollection is very similar to my own, which makes me wonder…

Do some people get stuck in the childhood understanding of Jesus and God, such that it leads to the kind of empirically false literal understanding of God as punisher, the intolerance and bigotry, and the denial of fundamentalism and conservatism in Christianity?

Penny Dreadful

Carl and I have watched the full first season of Penny Dreadful, and we are hooked! I like how doubtful and introspective all the "good" characters are. Literally every character in the series has sinister stuff going on in their introspective and extroverted activity… but the "good" characters are rather tormented souls. They experience doubt. It's quite brilliant, really.

U2 Concert!

Last night Carl picked me up from the Phoenix airport, on returning from visiting Mom in her new home in New Hampshire, took me to a hotel room so we could nap for an hour, and then took me to see U2 in concert! OMG. They were amazing. I was moved. What an amazing homecoming!

Highland Games with Mom and John

I wanted to come visit Mom in her new home, so she proposed I come now, during the NH Highland Games and Festival. We get to listen to some great music, watch some insane sport events (not golf, Dad's favorite pastime, but the caber toss!), and eat some weird food (haggis and a gigantic strawberry shortcake). After Dad died, Mom added a paver stone for Dad at the Scottish Standing Stone, so I am able to visit this memorial as well. Mom says this festival is not the same without him, and she is realizing this may be the last time she wants to attend. I'm glad I get to experience it with her this final time, I'm honored she wants to share this piece of her history with Dad with me.

Fine Stream Gamelan's 29th Anniversary

Tonight at gamelan rehearsal we will be celebrating the ensemble's 29th anniversary! Apparently it started on Labor Day, 1988. Carl is making rice pilaf for me to contribute to the potluck celebration we will have. I've played Gamelan ever since my friend Jim Bailey invited me to cover for one of the College of Santa Fe performers for a concert, back in the late 90s. Steven Miller, who would later become a best friend / chosen brother to me, was the ensemble director. I played with the College of Santa Fe's gamelan ensemble, and with Gamelan Encantada in Albuquerque, until I moved to Tucson, where I joined Fine Stream Gamelan. I've always enjoyed the music and the musicians involved. <3